Thousands of designed and manufactured injection moulds and stamping dies are a witness!
Thousands of millions of delivered plastic components and metal parts as well as assemblies are a witness!
Thousand years of gathered experience with us are a witness!
Our passion is top achievement, for our customers!

Own tool and process development and production in the facilities in Europe as well as partners overseas ensure maximum benefit and success to our customers!

Our goal = innovation for our customers!
To create benefits for our customers by excellent innovation of processes, products and production methods!
Stay ahead of the competition by 777 steps and use our power of innovation!

almost 0 different products almost 0 products delivered per year a team of 0 people create, produce, check and control with more than 0 machines every day create excellence for YOU our Dear customers
Products & markets our excellent creations


On behalf of our automotive customers we manufacture high complex plastic and metal parts as well as assemblies for the automotive electrics/electronics just as parts for steering columns.
Design parts with the finest décor requirement on painting and printing come also from our plants in Western and Eastern Europe, like metal-plastic hybrids and multi-component parts!

Final goods

Shortest possible lead times, cost-optimized project budgets and individual industrialization for many different products in the segments of industrial electronics, consumer electronics and home appliances are used by our customers for many decades!
Painted, foiled and ultrasonically welded assemblies from metal, plastic, PCBs and other assy components refined with most diverse printing and laser technologies are produced, and that at the highest quality level!

Industrial electronics

To realize products jointly with and for our customers and to produce industrialized optimally is our requirement.
We want to fascinate our customers with our solutions!
Our team stands for it with all its creativity!

Engineering industries

We continuously supply our clients in the engineering industry throughout the world with high-precision metal components.
Our production capacity with state-of-the-art production machines at our facilities in Western and Eastern Europe offer the right solution for every problem!


All along, the medical technology demands products and equipment with extremely high productivity and utmost quality.
For decades we keep track within medical industry and we are proud of the success of our customers.
Through our efforts and our commitment we would like to make a valuable contribution to the improvement and maintenance of the health of us all!

Hybrid Component

The perfect combination of our excellent know how in stamping and moulding enables our customers to receive complex plastics-metal-assemblies, the socalled Hybrid components!
The industrialization and production of hybrid components enable our customers to realize innovative products, which are complex and cost-optimized at once!

Processes the way we create excellence

Development & Design

Not only at the beginning of a journey to a new world, development and planning is one of the success factors of the overall performance!
All our products such as machines, tools or processes were created by our engineers and technicians using the latest CAD/CAM software in respect of optimization of the costs, quality, reliability and innovation and analysed by FEM methods.

Tool making

Our tool and die shop, passion since 1965!
Focused continuously on analysis, optimisation and use of potentials in the entire tool making process our entire performance spectrum comes into play.
5-axis robot milling or EDM cells, state of the art wire cutting technology and CNC grinding technology create together with the precision mechanics in the tool and die shop the backbone of the customer success!

Moulding & Stamping

Our injection moulding and stamping machines produce hundreds of millions of products made of plastic and metal per year!
Multi-component injection moulding, metal-plastic composite parts, assemblage injection moulding, rotating/insert systems:
everything is produced and accompanied by the latest quality methods and analysis processes!
Hundreds of injection moulding machines up to 15000 KN and stamping machines up to 6000 KN press force are also in use as well as many high-speed stamping presses, injection moulding machines with the smallest possible injection units!


Metal and plastic components, mechanically machined on state of the art 5-axis CNC machining centres, operated and loaded by robotsystems, controlled and planned by our CNC-CAD/CAM professionals.
Our mechanical engineering customers in the industry appreciate especially our competence centre stategy in Eastern and Western Europe in our respective production plants!

Visual effects

We paint plastic parts and metal parts in large quantities and in addition to standardized surface treatment technologies as screen printing and pad printing. We use also the latest laser technologies, which were initially enhanced by our process engineers and thereby come fully into play.
Varnished parts are shaped accurately by the laser technology and bring thus the products to shine!


Our customers should be able to concentrate on their own strengths!
We made this key statement to our own and offer therefore also assembly steps additionally to component manufacturing.
From manual assembly to robot assembly with integrated quality inspection by means of video and sensor inspections our customers can always expect and obtain top services at our locations in Western and Eastern Europe!

Measuring & Controlling

We have made it to our goal to constantly improve the quality of our products and processes.
We realize this by measuring and controlling.
This can be done by pure technical measurements, by 3D measurement machines or product-specific test devices in the electronic segment, but also raw-materials are tested series-accompanying at our place in a chemical laboratory and documented if all material properties still are conform.
Long before we deliver the first production parts, the manufacturing processes have been simulated by computer assistance and the first samples of parts generated by computer tomography are evaluated by the analysis software at our place!

Machine park how the excellence is made
Emotion feelings behind the excellence
Career join the excellence


Or choose from available positions

injection mould designer

You would like to create and design complex injection moulds for automotive, medical and consumer industry?

You would like to be part of our passion for excellence?

We would be happy to meet you!

Your Rejlek Metal&Plastics Development & Design Team!

Competence Center Moulding

You would like to apply your moulding experience together with our moulding competence center on the latest state of the art products - for instance automotive products - and get these products to perfection?

We would be happy to work with you!!!

Your Moulding Center of Competence Team!

Process Automatization

You are interested in automatization of moulding and stamping processes

and have experience in design and realization of producing plastics-metal combinations already?

We are looking forward to get your application!

Your Rejlek Metal&Plastics Group Automatization Team!

High precision metal stamping You are a specialist in metal stamping  and you are looking for a new challenge?
We are looking forward to meet you!
Your Rejlek Metal&Plastics Group Stamping Team!

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